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With over 50 years as a manufacturer, operator, builder and supplier to the Family Entertainment Center industry (FEC), we know what it takes to make great attractions. We offer everything from Pacer Gas Go-Karts, Dynamo Electric Go karts, Ultimate Trainer Pitching Machines, Big Kick Soccer Machines, Shockwave Electric Bumper Boats, Spin Zone Electric Bumper Cars,  Jungle Kingdom Fiberglass Animals, Championship Miniature Golf Courses and the best parts supply, customer service, and technical support around.

Because of our diversity and experience, we can help you create the right attraction mix for you and your market. Furthermore, through our design services and the construction services of our sister company,
Amusement Construction Co. Inc. , we can be your easy "one stop shop" to the start of your successful FEC.
           Going Green!

Over the last ten years, our biggest developments have been in electric powered and electronically controlled products. The Ultimate Trainer Pitching machine is the most advanced commercial pitching machine in the world with eight different pitch speeds in each station. The Dynamo Electric Go kart operating system is the most versatile electric go kart system. The Dynamo System allows the attendant to do everything but steer the kart remotely. The track attendant can speed up, slow down, start, and stop each kart individually or all at one time using the Dynamo wireless remote control. The Spin Zone Electric Bumper Cars also are controlled using our remote control Spin Zone system. The Shockwave Electric Bumper Boats have proven themselves to be the fastest and longest running electric boat in the world (up to 12 hours!). These advances along with unique operating systems like the AUTOSTART control system for gas go karts are just a few of the many tools Amusement Products has developed to make your attractions more exciting and easier to operate.

Visit our Company History to see a brief summary of our developments over the years to get ideas of what to look at in our products section. Browse our Photo Gallery to see our widely diversified products. Visit our sister company's website to see the finished FEC attractions like miniature golf courses, batting cages and go kart tracks (www.amusement-construction.com ). If you can't find what you are looking for on this website, please feel free to call or email us and one of our friendly, courteous customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. We look forward to helping you create a fun and successful FEC business!
Since 1960, Amusement Products has dedicated its existence to creating fun for the world through exciting and innovative products.