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Range-Pro Indoor Batting Cages

There are three basic styles of indoor batting cages, and Amusement Products has successful operators in all three types. The selection of which style cage fits your needs best is a combination of budget and operational ease. The least expensive method is also the hardest to operate. The automated cages are more expensive initially, but pay for themselves in labor saving in a couple of years. Here is a brief summary of each style cage:

1. The “Built-to-Fit” Indoor Cage

This is the most deluxe cage. It is fully automated (has a retrieval system that separates baseballs from softballs and reloads them into the machines) and requires a sloped floor to get the balls to the pick up point. The sloping of the floor can be done in wood for rented space and in concrete for owned or new buildings. When we use wood, the floors are also covered in carpet to dampen the sound. This is the closest style of cage to outdoor cages and has the best hitting experience. Amusement Products will custom design the cage to fit in your available space.

2. The Free-Standing Indoor Cage

This style cage uses hopper-fed machines anchor bolted to the existing concrete floor. Since the floor is flat, this is the least expensive cage to start with and the most expensive to operate. It requires the balls to be picked up by hand and sorted manually. Like the “Built to Fit” cage above, the net is attached to the walls and suspended from the existing ceiling. The hoppers hold about 300 balls. This is about an hour’s operation before they need to be refilled. While it increases the operating costs up to 35%, it reduces the initial investment up to 40%. For leased space and small budgets, it is a good way to get started quickly.

3. Modular Cages – Automated Pre-Manufactured Cages

The modular cages are a steel framework that sit on an existing floor (typically concrete). Inside the framework is an elevated floor and the net enclosure to contain the balls and also direct them back to it’s integrated retrieval system. Fully automated, it is less expensive to operate than the Free-Standing cage. It is also very compact at 16′ wide x 55′ long x 12′ tall. For one or two cages that need to be moved in the future, the Modular cages are the way to go. Once you want three or more cages, typically the Built-to- Fit cages are less expensive to start and a better hitting experience.

Range-Pro Outdoor Batting Cages



The new Pup Tent Design provides the largest hitting area for the least amount of initial cost. This exclusive design was created to decrease your initial investment while creating a more weather resistant cage. Snow loads and wind loads are more successfully accommodated and damage avoided by this unique design. In addition, we have added the new Logo Machine Roof for a better way to keep the sun and rain off the machines and decorate the cage at the same time.


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