Amusement Products knows what it takes to make successful attractions.  With over 57 years as a manufacturer, operator, builder and supplier to the Family Entertainment Center industry (FEC), we have continuously improved our products and services to meet our customers’ expectations and our always changing amusement industry.

As our products have evolved over the years, we are leading the innovation front by reducing our carbon emissions with our electric products.  While gas engines are still an option for go karts, electric go karts are by far the lowest maintenance, eco-friendly, cost effective and noise pollution reducing karts available today.


With over twenty plus go kart models available and more than half of those offered with our ThunderVolt Electric Operating System, we have the kart to fit your needs.  Our Lightning racing kart is a European-style electric kart that has a top speed of 60mph. It is the most durable and reliable racing kart on the market and a great fit for any indoor racing track.

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The IAAPA award winning Spin Zone bumper cars are also electric powered and a blast to ride.  Based on our feedback from our customers, Spin Zone bumper cars are a hit with customers.  The broad appeal allows everyone in the family to have fun at the same time.The LED sound activated light package is sure to draw attention to the ride at any family entertainment center.  A small footprint and low startup cost allow the Spin Zone bumper cars to have a very fast return on investment.


Lazer Fury 360 is an electric laser attack vehicle that is operator controlled.  An IAAPA Best New Product award winner, the Fury car moves 360 degrees horizontally and vertically around the arena.  While you are maneuvering around the arena, shoot at other riders or at targets on the wall and ceiling to score points.


Want the next generation in bumper cars? Check out our Flip Zone bumper cars.  Spin and flip other riders by bumping the targets on the cars.  The elevated seat gives the driver the sensation of flying around the arena.


Lazer Battle 360 is our newest product.  Debuting at the IAAPA 2017 show, this is sure to be an attraction you will want in your game room.

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Our Ultimate Trainer 3000 is the most advanced, money making baseball and softball pitching machine available today.  The versatility of the machine has enabled our customers to generate more money from each pitching machine while also decreasing the need for larger cages.

Big Kick Soccer Cages is another way for facilities to generate more money and bring in a customer base that otherwise may not be visiting your family entertainment center.  Soccer cages can also add an additional revenue stream to soccer training facilities.

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The Shockwave Electric Bumper Boats is the most exciting and fastest boat in the world.  Your customers really feel the speed and bumping into your friend or fellow rider is part of the fun.  You may even get wet a little and cool of on a hot summer day.

bumper boats

Championship Miniature Golf is an anchor attraction for any family entertainment center and has been for us for 57 years.  Our miniature golf courses are designed and built to make each hole fun, challenging and unique.  Whether you want a themed course or a natural landscape course, we have the experience to build a course that will keep your customers coming back for more.

miniature golf

Amusement Products manufacturers these innovative products but we could not do this for over five decades if we did not have exceptional customer service, the best parts supply and technical support available on all our products.  Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you succeed in the amusement industry.

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