LazerFury 360

The World’s First 360 Degree Laser Attack Vehicle!



Lazer Fury 360 is a game that uses an electric vehicle called the FURY that is operator controlled. The FURY can rotate 360 degrees horizontally AND flip its pilot 360 degrees vertically! The “Pilot” uses both hands to drive and control the FURY’s operations. The right hand has a joystick that the FURY pilot uses to drive the car. Wherever you point the joystick, the FURY goes.


In the FURY, the pilot is elevated a couple of feet above the drive platform in a “COMMAND LOOP” that can rotate 360 degrees vertically. This motion is controlled by the driver’s left hand using one of two FORWARD/BACKWARD SPIN buttons. The driver can use the rotating feature to face up, face down or even flip the COMMAND LOOP upside down!

LazerFury Flip Backward
LazerFury Flip Forward

• Car moves 360 degrees horizontally and vertically around the arena
• Laser shooting and scoring car – The Fury
• Targets located on car and arena walls and ceiling

LazerFury Spin Left or Right

Face the ceiling, drive upside down, face the floor


For the pilot’s safety, there are two safety restraint systems. First, there is a padded shoulder restraint to hold the pilot securely in the seat (like a roller coaster has). As a secondary restraint, there is a lap belt to hold you in the COMMAND LOOP. Lastly, there is a wraparound bumper with cushions on the FURY to protect the pilot and vehicle from accidental impacts. Only the bumpers can touch on the FURY vehicles. While the bumpers have cushions to soften impacts, the FURY is more than a bumper car.



In LazerFury 360, the FURY is equipped with a laser cannon to shoot targets located on other Fury’s, the arena walls and even the arena ceiling. The left hand control has the trigger to fire the laser cannon which is mounted over the pilot’s head. The laser cannon shows a green crosshair to indicate where the cannon is aimed. The right hand has a button to select from several weapons to use. To aim the laser, the pilot rotates the COMMAND LOOP he is sitting in while driving the Fury. The direction the pilot is facing is where the cannon shoots. He can even face straight up to shoot the Planet Destroyer on the ceiling!



• The vehicle is driven around the arena
• Rotates 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally
• TWO GAME FORMATS: Can be designated for team play where LED lights on the car designates the teams or played every man is for himself
• Keeps score both as a team and as an individual in the team game mode
• Displays the score on a LED TV outside the arena
• Display on each FURY for pilot’s to see their status and score
• The pilots shoot lasers at targets around the arena and on the cars to score points
• Shooting the opponent’s car’s targets both earn points and result in physical reactions in that FURY for a short time. (2-5 seconds)
• Each FURY has scoring opportunities in any direction and can shoot in any direction including straight up
• The arena is fully themed
• Each FURY has an on-board sound system for shooting sounds, hit sounds, and real time game information updates
• It has multiple safety restraints for redundant safety for the rider
• The game is controlled wirelessly by the Ride Commander operating system
• All participants will be given a five minute instruction briefing prior to operating the ride so they can learn how to operate a FURY
• Briefing video included
Ride Commander Wireless Operating System
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