Range-Pro Batting Cage Retrieval System

Automate Your Batting Cages With The Range-Pro Retrieval System.  Savings In Operating Cost Are Automatic.

Range-Pro Batting Cage Retrieval System


This state-of-the-art batting cage retrieval system uses a belt conveyor to pick up and separate the balls and feed up to 20 machines on a demand basis. The Range-Pro Retrieval System efficiently feeds directly to the machine or operates in conjunction with a hopper. The system includes a dedicated computer that sends the balls to where they are needed. Balls are metered to all stations needing balls to prevent any station from running out. When all machines are full, the system shuts off automatically.

Range-Pro Batting Cage Master Control Panel

Master Control Panel


An independent computer system (installed in the cash control area) can be added to a batting cage for centralized control of the time sale function and centralized accounting of each machine’s usage. Helps eliminate employee theft.

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