Electric Go Karts

Thundervolt Electric Go-Karts Are The Most Efficient, Cost-effective And Versatile Electric Go-karts Available And Provide The Best Ride Experience For Your Customers!

The karts below have adjustable seats and are capable of operating in one of four different racing speeds:

RookieDeluxePerformanceHigh Performance

The most versatile go-karts in the industry!

ThunderVolt Lightning

ThunderVolt Stockart + One

ThunderVolt Stockart +

Eco-Racer Deluxe

ThunderVolt Stockart

Eco-Racer Deluxe + One

The karts below have fixed seats and are capable of operating in one of three different racing speeds:

DeluxePerformanceHigh Performance

ThunderVolt Super + 2-Seater


Super Stockart


Eco Racer

Gas vs Electric Go Kart Chart
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The go kart world is rapidly changing. We have manufactured gas go-karts since the early 1970’s, however, today 90+% of our new customers choose the Thunder Volt Electric Go Karts for their indoor and outdoor tracks. Why? Because the ride experience is so much better for their customers! While the main reason you should choose electric go karts is ride efficiency, the performance of our electric go karts is superior to gas models. Why? Because electric go karts have much better low end torque, resulting in a much faster take-off! Since our electric motors are equivalent to a 20hp gas motor capable of running 50+ mph, the electric karts power through turns that bog down gas go karts.
Here is how a prospect reacted to a test drive:


A potential customer visited our plant determined to save money by purchasing 12 gas go-karts to operate in his small town of 10,000 people. Considering this market, gas go-karts were a valid option for him. After test driving a 9hp gas kart, we encouraged him to try one of the Thunder Volt Electric Go Karts we had parked in the pit. After just one lap, he jumped out of the kart and exclaimed,


“I’ve got to go electric! I will take fewer karts if I have to, but that ride is just unbelievable!”
thundervolt speedway
With the labor savings alone, the Thunder Volt Electric Operating System will pay for itself in just a couple of years. The mechanic savings alone is nearly $35,000 per year! The versatility to make one track work like four different tracks has dramatically increased the track’s revenue as well. In addition, the Thunder Volt Sound System has been a tremendous success with racers
Ride Commander Wireless Operating System