The DUI Experience

The DUI Experience Is A Marketing/Public Relations Program That Informs Young People Of The Dangers Of Driving Under The Influence In A Unique, Hands-on Way.


Teenagers think they are invincible and can beat every system. By using your go-karts with the safety of your Ride Commander System for back-up, teens get to experience how dangerous driving under the influence really is. They won’t beat this system and will learn this life-saving lesson safely. Not only is this a great community service it generates additional revenue for your facility. We have designed this program not to interfere with your normal operations and even to add revenue in the fall and winter, not to mention the free advertising and good will that money cannot buy.


The DUI Experience is a copyrighted program that has been endorsed by a number of MADD chapters, several states’ highway patrol departments, police departments, city, county, and state officials, PTA chapters, businesses, hospitals and insurance companies. When your community officials see and understand this program, you will be amazed how positive they will become about your track. Join our DUI Experience team to help keep the kids in your community safe.


This program includes written instructions, manuals, and equipment that makes it work!


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