Design And Consultation

With Our Design And Construction Services, We Can Build One Attraction Or The Whole Park!


Our typical construction time for each attraction is two to four weeks for miniature golf courses, three to six weeks for batting cages, and three to six weeks for go-kart tracks. Our contracts show what we include and exclude so that you know your final costs up front. If you decide to change something after construction starts, we will supply you with a change order to let you know the new costs before we make the change.


We start the project with the design phase by delivering the site designs to you as we create them to get your input. Payments and progress information of the construction is spread throughout the project so you know where the project stands as we progress. Finally, we can help with the training of your new staff to help you get started on the right foot. By supplying the equipment and the construction of the attraction, we can help you get your project started and opened in the best possible way.

Park Layout

When you purchase a general park layout from Amusement Products, you are planning for the future. This master plan allows for growth, and enables you to place each attraction it its best location. The preliminary drawing for each Go-Kart track, Batting Cage, Pursuit Park, Bumper Boat pond, and Miniature Golf Course is for zoning purposes. Once the project is approved, criteria drawings can be purchased for each activity. With over 45 years in the industry, we can help you create the most exciting family fun center possible!

Go-Kart Tracks

There are many factors to consider before building a Go-Kart track. One of the most important is the overall layout and design. Several areas, such as slope, flatness factor of the concrete surface, entry/exit of loading areas, turn radius of the corners, traffic signals, kart control system, and other amenities, must be addressed before construction begins. Amusement Products stands ready to assist you in the planning and design of your track to meet your needs and budget. Tracks are designed to fit the optimal performance of Pacer go-karts.

Batting Cages

Batting cages have evolved over the years to smaller size cages due to the pitching machines available today. A smaller cage means less use of land or indoor space. Outdoor batting cages can use a standard cage design while an indoor cage typically needs a custom designed cage. We design the cage with your customer in mind while also utilizing the best layout for your facility. Outdoor cages are usually fully automated cages where the concrete is sloped so the balls roll back to a retrieval system that picks up the balls and sends them back to the pitching machines. Indoor batting cages can also be fully automated with a sloped floor or use a flat floor and pick up the baseballs and softballs by hand and return them to the machine hopper. Based on your facility size and demographics, Amusement Products can design a cage to fit your indoor or outdoor facility.

Bumper Boats

Bumper boat ponds vary from the very simple shaped designs to the elaborate customer interactive designs. As with any attraction, the more the customer enjoys it, the more revenue you are going to generate. Simple square, rectangle or oval designs are older style of ponds that can be fun to ride the bumper boat but do not have the “WOW” factor you should want. Bumper boat pond designs with waterfalls, islands and water cannons on the edge of the pond really enhance the appearance of the pond and create a desire for your customers to ride the boats. The pond design can be free formed and fit on your site to allow non-riding customers a chance to participate outside the pond with the water cannons. Squirt guns on the boats lets the riders shoot back at spectators at the water cannons. The design of the pond is vital to the appearance and appeal of the bumper boat attraction and your revenue.

consulting mini golf

Miniature Golf Course Design

Miniature golf has been a staple of the family entertainment center business for years. It is so popular that courses have been successful as stand-alone businesses as well as an addition to places like ice cream stores, bowling centers, resorts, skating rinks, city parks, military bases, marina’s, and laser tag arenas to name a few. Miniature golf is great family entertainment in tourist markets as well as in a local trade market. We have been designing, building and operating miniature golf courses since the early 1960’s. Over the years, we have developed a course that is challenging, fun to play and visually appealing for children and adults. Your potential revenue as well as your return on investment can be very attractive to anyone considering the business. Let us help you design and build a course of your dreams!

Consulting SpinZone

Spin Zone Bumper Car Arena Design

Spin Zone Electric Bumper Cars are a broad based attraction and will have people riding that you never imagined would. A big advantage of the Spin Zone is the small space required to operate the attraction. A 25’ X 25’ area (625 sq. ft.) can fit five bumper cars. Larger volume locations can run 15 cars at one time using an area 40’ x 45’ (1800 sq. ft.). Spin Zone Bumper Cars do not need a costly electric floor. They can run on concrete, wood or asphalt surfaces. Music and lights can be added to the cars to enhance the overall experience of the attraction.


Lazer Fury 360 is a game that has the pilots ride in an electric vehicle called the Fury. Pilots navigate their Fury around the arena while shooting at wall and ceiling targets and other pilot-operated Furys. Scoring for the game is displayed on a LED screen. The area used for an arena is 1,200 to 3,000 sq. ft. depending on how many Fury’s is right for your location. The arena is themed to enhance the look and playability of the attraction.


Flip Zone Bumper Cars turn you upside down and spin you all around. Bump other cars and make them spin and flip. The light show alone from each car will attract customers to the attraction. The area used for a Flip Zone is the same as the Lazer Fury 360. A 30’ x 40’ space will accommodate 6 Flip Zone bumper cars.