Zone Systems

What can the Zone System do for you?

The Zone System addresses problem areas of the track, such as sharp turns, steep downhill grades and pit approach areas. The flexible operations of the Zone System are set in the Ride Control Transmitter and can be adjusted in the future if necessary. Zones may also be added to an area of the track that becomes problematic.

Examples of how the Zone System can help your track:


TRICKY TURN: If there is a turn on your track where riders wipe out when pressing the BOOST button before entering the turn, you can place a “NO BOOST ZONE” just before the turn and a second zone sensor that will resume the BOOST function after leaving the turn.


GOING TOO FAST DOWN A STEEP HILL: While the traditional Thundervolt system uses dynamic braking to allow your coaster track to run the same speed uphill and downhill (18 mph climbing and 18 mph on a 15% downhill run), sometimes younger racers can handle the turn at the bottom of the hill when going faster. The “SLOW DOWN ZONE” will not only disable the BOOST feature in this area, it will automatically slow the karts down to a slower speed so they can more easily negotiate the turn.


SPECIAL SOUND FEATURES:  In addition to altering the speed and BOOST abilities of karts in those zones, the Zone System can play specific messages to the racer. For example, when a kart enters an area where a zone sensor slows down the kart the driver will hear “Now entering the Deceleration Zone.”  When exiting the zone, the driver hears, “Race Speed re-activated, GO, GO, GO.” This keeps the racer informed and the race more enjoyable.


While this system is new, there are many features that will be added as we continue to develop its full capabilities. Customers that choose to purchase the Zone System with their karts can add these new features with a simple software update and adding additional Zones when necessary. What is a great new system today will be even better in the future. Contact an Amusement Products representative to discuss what the Thundervolt Zone System can do for you.

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