Wireless Attraction Operating System

The Wireless Ride Commander Attraction Operating Systems Puts YOU In Control!


Ride Commander Wireless Attraction Operating SystemWhat began as the first and patented wireless operating system for go karts has continued to expand and change over the years. As technology advanced, so has the Ride Commander.


Today the Ride Commander Attraction Operating System is a wireless and programmable control system and has been modified to run several of Amusement Products attractions. Current attractions include:


  • Thunder Volt Electric Track Operating System
  • Spin Zone Bumper Car Operating System
  • Lazer Fury 360 Operating system
  • Flip Zone Bumper Cars


Both the main ride controller and the hand held wireless remote resemble each other for these attractions but have different features to match the unique needs of each attraction.



Here are some of the features each of the attractions share:

1) Ride Timer- Each Ride Commander Controller has an integrated ride timer to start and stop the attraction automatically. Fully adjustable up to 99 minutes, it can be changed by seconds to more accurately control the attraction’s ride cycle. You can set the ride time for 3:00 minutes for the Spin Zone, 4:30 for the Thunder Volt go karts, or even 5:57 for the Lazer Fury.


2) Each Ride Commander has an MP3 player to announce the rules at the start of each ride and a safe exit message at the end of each ride. This message ensures your guests know the risks and how to operate the vehicles safely before the start of each ride.


3) The messaging system is also used to entertain, enlighten or inform guests waiting in line to further enhance the ride experience. At Amusement Products, we have found adding more features for the customer’s senses makes the attraction a more immersive experience. As an example, the Thunder Volt Ride Commander plays a rotation of messages that sound like two Race Announcers talking about the exciting new features on the karts getting those in line excited about the race to come.


4) During the ride, the Ride Commander helps control the vehicles to keep the customers safe. For all attractions, the vehicles can be stopped with the push of a button and the ride resumes after the issue is resolved by the ride attendant.


5) The Ride Commander can be set to one of 9 frequencies so that it won’t interfere with other attractions using a Ride Commander at the same facility.




Each attraction’s Ride Commander has unique features that have been programmed to enhance that ride’s safety and ride excitement. Here are a few of the ride specific features that make our attractions the most exciting in the Family Entertainment Center industry:


ThunderVolt Ride Commander


1) SLOW DOWN: a single button push can slow all karts or a single kart one mile an hour at a time to help get rowdy or out of control riders slowed to a safe operating speed.


2) ON BOARD RACE MESSAGES: Each time the attendant has to alter the race or the race conditions change, there is a message in each kart that lets all drivers know what is happening on the track.


3) RAPID START: If the karts are pre-loaded with a second set of karts running on the track (a double pit operation), the Ride Commander will automatically reduce the time between rides by changing when the rules are told and how fast the next race starts.


Spin Zone and Flip Zone Ride Commander


1) AUTOMATIC ALL SPIN: The Ride Commander for the Spin Zone has programmed features that change the ride temporarily from an attraction to a ride and back again. For a few seconds, the Ride Commander will spin all the cars leaving them facing the opposite direction. This stirs up the ride and makes it more exciting.


2) CHAOS MODE: This automatic feature takes control of the cars with about a minute left in the ride. For 15 seconds, the Ride Commander drives the cars by remote control with a bunch of quick moves, sending them to the opposite ends of the arena. With 45 seconds left, the drivers regain control and then can work to hit their favorite person’s SPIN target before the ride ends.


3) AUTOMATIC LIGHT AND MUSIC CONTROL: The Spin Zone Ride Commander not only times the ride, it turns the white lights off and the show lights on (Sound activated show lights) at the start of the ride. When the ride ends, it turns the lights back automatically regardless of the ride time you select for your location.


Lazer Fury 360 Ride Commander


1) SOUND AND LIGHT CONTROLS: Automatic Sound, Light, Start, Stop, like the two attractions above.


2) AUTOMATIC SHOOTING AND MOTION CONTROL: The Ride Commander starts, stops, and changes each car’s motion automatically and in conjunction with laser tag scoring system.


3) INTERACTIVE SOUND FILES: As the game is played, sound files are played in each car based on what you are doing, what you are shooting, who is shooting you and what else is happening in the arena.


4) PROGRESSIVE INTERACTIVE MOTION: Each time a car gets tagged by another player, the car that is hit does a physical reaction. With each hit, the motion gets more dramatic. In addition, the lights on the car change to show when it was tagged.


5) LIFE LEFT LED DISPLAY: Each time a car is tagged, the lights on the car get progressively smaller until the last hit makes the car do the biggest movement: the “SUPERFLIP”


6) INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: Allows future ride updates and ride diagnostics over the internet.