Spin Zone Z

The New Spin Zone Z Tubeless bumper car will make your day!

SpinZoneZNo tube on the bumper car translates into less daily maintenance and fewer items on your checklist. Maintaining the air in a Spin Zone tube can be a challenge for some large volume operators. Amusement Products, the innovation leader in bumper car technology, has created the Spin Zone Z tubeless bumper car. The Spin Zone Z has a rubber cushioned plastic bumper that absorbs the impact from bumps and uses some of the technology of the Lazer Fury 360 and Flip Zone. This same bumper system is used on our go karts and is as maintenance-free bumper that you can get today. There is no air or anything else to check on a daily or weekly basis. Check the bumper once a month and make sure it is intact and securely fastened and you’re done.


The Spin Zone Z uses an electronic sensor for the Spin Zone target hit detection. The sensor has no moving parts and still triggers a spin when the impact is on the target area only. Just another example of our innovations and our way to help operators keep maintenance to a minimum. Less maintenance means more profit.

Ride Commander Remote

Spin Zone Bumper Car Ride Commander

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