Spin Zone Bumper Cars

An Out-of-this-world Experience!

The Spin Zone Experience will add a new and exciting attraction to your operation that is packaged for broad appeal using limited space at a price that makes sense in any economy.


No “costly electric floor” needed. Spin Zone Bumper Cars can run on Wood, Concrete, Asphalt, or even Ice!


Requiring only 600 to 1,500 sq. ft., customized to fit your floor space and operational needs, and at a surprisingly lower cost point, Spin Zone is the “Next Great Bump” for your business.

spin zone bumper cars

At Amusement Products, our extensive research and experience has led us to an attraction that can run up to 16 hours between charges and is very low on maintenance. With our proprietary radio control system (Ride Commander), the cars, safety announcement, music and lights are started and stopped by remote control, making for easy, safe operation.

Watch the Spin Zone in ACTION!

The Spin Zone is also available as a mobile attraction!

Spin Zone bumper cars have been a huge success in a variety of markets: FEC’s, bowling centers, botanical gardens, bounce houses, day cares, stand alone mall attractions and as attractions at large amusement parks. Now this profitable attraction can be used for the traveling attraction industry. Whether you are looking to add it to a carnival, fair, festival or party rentals, the Spin Zone can be the profit maker you are looking for!


Designed for ages five years old and up to drive, riders can be as young as three years old when they ride in the Buddy Seat with Mom. The cars are easy to enter and exit for any age rider and easy to control. Operating at a maximum of three mph, they are not fast, but are very quick. Getting up to speed in less than eight feet, the Spin Zone is an exciting ride that is fun for all ages!


EASY SET UP: Designed to be set up in 30 minutes by a single operator, the Spin Zone is easy to set up and take down. Two hydraulic lifts on each end lift the sides up at the push of a button. The tail gate is lifted by an electric wench. The cars pack together in the center eight feet wide space for transport. All chargers and operating equipment (speaker, lights, etc.) fit neatly inside the center space. With the metal awning running the length of the trailer, when the sides are closed, the trailer is buttoned up nicely.

spinzone bumper car trailer
Spin Zone Package includes:
• Cars (with batteries)
• Ride Control transmitter to time and operate the ride
• LED sound activated light package
• Performance quality sound system
• Automatic music player
• Chargers and racks for chargers
• Heavy duty hand rail for exposed arena sides
• Large format wall banner (typ. 10′ x 30′)
• Car Rail to contain the cars in the arena
• Wireless remote hand-held ride controller
• Arena installation
Rear operator panel of Spin Zone bumper car
Optional Swipe Card Reader
Optional Buddy Seat
Ride Commander Remote

Spin Zone Bumper Car Ride Commander

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