Shockwave Bumper Boats

An Electric Attraction To Help Your FEC Ride The Wave To Success!

shockwave bumper boat
Shockwave Bumper Boat

The Shockwave Electric Bumper Boat will outperform any gas or electric bumper boat. It is the fastest and most exciting bumper boat in the world!


Here’s why:
1. Custom made motor is faster yet more efficient.

2. The 24 volt system will outlast any other battery powered boat. The busiest Bumper Boat location in the world uses the Shockwave because it runs longer than any other electric boat.

3. Largest weight capacity bumper boat.

4. Water Cannons drive up the revenue!

5. Hidden Cannon and off switches

6. Highest quality wiring.

7. Colorful, durable tubes and hulls.

Water Cannon

Land-based Tidalwave Water Cannon for interaction between riders and spectators

For hot days, nothing beats the Shockwave Bumper Boats!

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