Millennium Go-kart Frame

Amusement Products Proudly Sets The Standard For Go-kart Frames With Our Revolutionary Millennium Frame.


The Millennium Go-kart frame features laser-cut, computer-bent plate steel which has structural integrity unlike sheet metal or common structured steel. Because it is so heavy, we had avoided using it in the past. Now, laser cutting is able to cut at a dramatically faster rate, allowing us to remove materials in areas not needed for structural integrity, lightening the go-kart frame while increasing the durability of the kart. As a result, the Formula model is over fifty pounds lighter than previous models, but with a more structurally sound chassis. Considering the original go-kart frame has lasted as long as twenty years, this is a phenomenal and exciting change. As of 2002 most of our other models have been converted to this same technology. We have had extraordinary success with this new go-kart frame and are excited about its addition to our fleet. We know you will be, too.

millennium go-kart frame

A) High tensile strength 7 Ga. steel plate laser-cut and precision bent for durability

B) Front spindles are automotive grade for long life steering performance

C) Flexible brake options allow choice of hydraulic disc brakes or time proven mechanical pad brakes that work time after time

D) Motor mount now allows for multiple engine choices from 6hp – 9hp in Honda engine options

E) 3/8″ thick, laser-cut bearing mounts for rigid frame reinforcement and to allow axle to drop out of kart easily

F) Box beam designed frame rails to provide maximum rigidity

G) Welded floor pan to reinforce frame rails

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