Jungle Kingdom Fiberglass Animals

Jungle Kingdom Fiberglass Animals


Create your own jungle kingdom with these fiberglass animals from Amusement Products! With Amusement Products’ true-to-life fiberglass animals, you’re sure to enhance the atmosphere and excitement of your location. These animals are extremely detailed to give you the highest quality in the theme you desire. Realize the results of increased attendance and profits!

15′ Long
Part No. JK175

Giant Clamshell
3′ Diameter
Part No. JK215

Large Elephant
9’H x 16’L Part No. JK110
Medium Elephant
7’H x 10’L Part No. JK105
Small Elephant
3’H x 4’L Part No. JK100

Giant Flamingo
7′ Tall
Part No. JK185

Large Giraffe
18′ Tall Part No. JK130
Medium Giraffe
10′ Tall Part No. JK120
Drinking Giraffe
Med. Giraffe in Drinking Position
Part No. JK125
Baby Giraffe
4′ Tall Part No. JK115

Large Gorilla
6′ Tall Part No. JK145
Medium Gorilla
5’H x 4’L Part No. JK140
Baby Gorilla
3′ Tall Part No. JK135

Giant Heron
6′ Tall Part No. JK190

Climbing Monkey
Placed on trees, roofs, etc.
Part No. JK1650
Swinging Monkey
Swings on rope Part No. JK160
Baby Monkey
On all fours Part No. JK170

Giant Mushroom
4′ Tall Part No. JK210

4′ Tall Part No. JK195

15 1/2″ Tall Part No. JK200

6′ Long Part No. JK205

Giant Turtle
5′ Long Part No. JK220

Large Zebra
5 1/2’H x 7 1/2’L Part No. JK155
Medium Zebra
4’H x 3 1/2’L Part No. JK150

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