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The ThunderVolt Electric Operating System is the most labor and maintenance efficient electric go kart in the WORLD!

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What makes Amusement Products electric go-karts the best in the industry? Our proprietary, innovative ThunderVolt Electric Operating System. The features of this unique system have dramatically improved race performance, safety, ride control, staff reduction and customer satisfaction across indoor and outdoor go-kart racing venues. With the addition of a full on-board audio system, the ThunderVolt system becomes the most immersive stock car race experience available. The audio portion of the system features NASCAR race engine sounds that are accelerator-sensitive, plus seven other layers of sound for a real stock car race experience. However, the main reason everyone should go electric with their go karts is that they are way more profitable!

How do we do this? AUTOMATION!

Everything from announcing the ride and safety instructions to charging the karts with our Park & Charge System are done automatically. The ThunderVolt track attendant pushes start to begin the race and selects one of four race speeds. The rest is automatic, including telling the drivers where to go when the race is over. All your attendant has to do is point where to park the karts as they enter the pit.

However, not all electric go-karts and go kart operating systems are created equal. Through field studies, we have observed several of our competitor’s indoor electric go-karts and operating systems that are much more expensive to operate. Even if they are only running 8-10 karts at a time, they require 10-15 attendants to operate their track per shift! Sometimes saving $500 per kart on the initial purchase can cost you $50,000 to $100,000 per year in extra labor costs for EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON. This is NOT a savings! Let us show you how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Having operated FECs for over 50 years, we know that while gross is good, PROFIT is much better. With the rising costs of minimum wage, minimizing labor costs without sacrificing service or safety is something you should pay close attention to on any attraction you purchase.



  • On board audio system with stock car engine sounds that are accelerator sensitive
  • Wirelessly controlled messages that instruct racers on track rules, driving techniques, safety issues and more
  • Headlights that activate at the start of a race and turn off when session is over
  • A pit sound system that hypes the race to spectators and gets them excited about the next race
  • Change all kart speeds by remote control
  • Four operating speeds: Rookie, Novice, Family, High Performance
  • Rider Reverse (customer backs up spun out kart without attendant assistance)
  • Slow down one or all karts as little as one mph at a time
  • Pit Speed start automatic, Rolling Start in 1 of 4 speeds
  • When “All Stop” is pressed, system brings karts to a stop within 20’ using dynamic braking without riders pressing the brake

LISTEN TO THIS!  The ThunderVolt Raceway customer isn’t just riding a go kart – they are participating in a Professional Racing Event!
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