Gas Go Karts

When Choosing A Pacer Gas Powered Go-kart, Durability Is Proven.

All our gas go karts use the most modern technologies to improve their durability. While many of the karts we built in the 1980’s are still making money for our customers, today’s models are even more durable. Using laser cut, computer bent structural steel, we have increased the strength of the frame and decreased the weight (see Millennium Frame). On all models, we use the highest tech plastic made for the bumpers to reduce the weight of the karts by another 50 pounds. You are choosing them for their superior performance and appearance. Here are a few of our models, many of which are available as an electric go kart as well:



Winged Outlaw

Super Stockart







Super Plus

Panther Plus




Pacer Plus



Stockart Kid Kart


Rookie Stockart

Working in conjunction with Honda Motor Company, Amusement Products has replicated most of the features of the ThunderVolt Electric System used for our electric go karts for our gasoline powered go karts, using Honda’s new IGX270 9hp engine with electronic throttle controls. The ThunderVolt Gas Operating System provides four different operating speeds (like the electric version) at the touch of a button. Speed can be set at Rookie (under 10mph), Family (10-15mph), Race (15-22mph), and Performance (22+ mph). The speed is set wirelessly and instantly, allowing you to use the karts for different demographic groups. In fact, the ThunderVolt Gas Operating System has all the features of the electric system except two:


1. It does not have the computer generated engine noise (that would be redundant)


2. It does not have a reverse


Functionally, the gas version still does not accelerate from the start as quickly, power through the curves as well, and they lack the reverse of the electric go karts. The lack of a reverse will require additional attendants to move spun-out karts that the electric karts can do without.
Millennium Frame
Ride Commander Wireless Operating System
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