Gas Go Karts

We have manufactured gas go-karts since the early 1970’s, however, the go-kart world is rapidly changing. With Amusement Products dedication to developing innovative products and attractions for the FEC industry, we have decided to no longer manufacture gasoline-powered go-karts.

With the technology available today, and a staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable innovators, we are able to continually raise the bar in go-kart industry with our electric go-karts, powered by our proprietary ThunderVolt Electric Operating System.

While the main reason you should choose electric go-karts is ride efficiency, the performance of our electric go-karts is superior to gas models. Why? Because electric go-karts have much better low- end torque, resulting in a much faster take-off! Since our electric motors are equivalent to a 20hp gas motor capable of running 50+ mph, the electric karts power through turns that bog down gas go karts.

This is just one of the many reasons you should consider electric go-karts for your facility. For more information on how electric go-karts can save your FEC money, go to the Electric Karts page.