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Flip Zone Bumper Cars From Amusement Products Has Turned The Bumper Car Industry Upside Down!

flip zone bumper cars

The Flip Zone has many features that the Spin Zone does not have but includes some of the Spin Zone’s best features.


While bumper cars have been popular in big and small parks for years, they had become mostly a kiddy ride until the Spin Zone Bumper cars came along. The Spin Zone has proved that adding a competitive feature makes bumper cars more exciting and more profitable. Paying for themselves in 2 years or less, the Spin Zone is a fantastic profit generator for all amusement businesses: big and small. We have had successful customers in indoor FEC’s, botanical gardens, outdoor FEC’s, Bounce Houses, Laser Tags, zoo’s and in large amusement parks with 3,000,000+ visitors a year! What helped Spin Zone’s generate more money than other bumper cars? EXCITEMENT!

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Bump one of the four Flip Zone targets around the base of the vehicle to make your opponents FLIP and SPIN!



1) “FLYING” the Flip Zone: The first major change is an elevated seat above the driving platform. The Flip Zone driver has the sensation of flying around the arena. The driver can drive the car while sitting in any position including standing on their head!


2) MORE TARGETS= MORE FUN: The Flip Zone has four FIip Zone targets that can be bumped by other drivers doubling the fun of the Spin Zone. More Targets means more action!


3) AMAZING BUMP RESPONSES: Each time one of the targets is hit, the Flip Zone car will go through a series of movements that include both flipping and spinning.


4) THE RIDE OF 800 LED’s: The Flip Zone has amped up the light show on the Flip Zone in a big way. Now having LEDs on the bottom, sides and top, the light show is INCREDIBLE!


5) DON’T WANT TO FLIP? NO PROBLEM! While the Flip Zone is designed to stand riders on their head, for the timid of heart (or weak of stomach), the GIVE UP button will allow the driver to de-activate the Flipping portion of the interaction.


6) BETTER RIDE EXPERIENCE= MORE $$ PER RIDE: The Flip Zone is a more
dramatic, more exciting and more unique experience than any bumper car before it.

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Adapted from the Spin Zone, these features will also help make the Flip Zone a success:


1) SHORT RIDE TIME= MORE CYCLES PER HOUR: Automatically timed by the Ride Commander and wirelessly controlled, the Flip Zone is designed to be a short duration ride (2.5 to 3.5 minutes) at $6-$8 per ride.


2) AUTOMATIC SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW: From the Entry rules and driving instructions to the Exit message and the music in between, the Flip Zone’s Ride Commander does it all!


3) AUTOMATED FEATURES: The Flip Zone also has automated features like the ALL SPIN and runs an ATTRACT MODE.


4) ARENA WALL DECORATIONS: The Flip Zone banner helps customers know that these amazing vehicles are bumper cars and an amazing, interactive ride.


5) AUTOMATED FEATURES: At several times during the ride, the Ride Commander will take control of all the cars and do things out of the driver’s control. This is just plain fun!


6) WIDE DEMOGRAPHIC: The Flip Zone will accommodate riders from 6 years old to 70 years old.
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