Falcon 360 Lazer Battle

Falcon 360

The newest creation from Amusement Products is the Falcon 360 Lazer Battle! This compact ride is designed to be used in game rooms that need an attraction rather than just a new game.


The Falcon 360 Lazer Battle is a two to six player arcade attraction. Each Falcon pilot scores points by hitting targets on the walls, ceiling and opponent’s Falcon. The Falcon’s laser cannon is aimed by rotating 360 degrees vertically and horizontally. Redemption feature available.


To reduce the space necessary to run the attraction, the Falcon is mounted on a pivot so it stays within its 5’ wide footprint with each Falcon requiring an 8’ x 8’ space

With targets mounted on the walls, the ceiling, and on the opponent’s Falcon, the laser cannon shoots like a “player’s perspective” video game. Whatever you see by looking straight forward, that is what you will hit! Each time a target is hit on the opponent’s vehicle, they will go through a series of motions with each motion getting progressively longer. While they are in the “Hit Motion,” their opponent can shoot the higher value wall and ceiling targets uncontested! It’s also great fun when your buddy screams, “I’m out of control” after you tag his vehicle!

Here are the specifics of this amazing new attraction:


OPERATIONS: The Falcon 360 Lazer Battle is a swipe card operated game. It can come as strictly an attraction or with a redemption feature. When the redemption feature is added, a swipe card reader per Falcon is necessary to assign the points to the correct player.
RIDE TIME/ VALUE: The Falcon is typically a two- to three-minute game with a charge of $3 – $8 per game. With the Falcon re-centering itself after each ride automatically, it takes only one minute to change riders. At two minutes per game, this is approximately 20 cycles per hour, which is $80 per hour for one vehicle or $160 per hour for two vehicles.
POWER: Each Falcon requires a 20-amp circuit per vehicle. It uses 15 amps per vehicle
OPERATING SYSTEM: An additional 20-amp circuit for the control system and display monitors.
SPACE REQUIREMENTS: The Falcon 360 Lazer Battle can come with or without a free-standing enclosure. Because of the movement of the vehicles, there must be a protective wall separating the spectators from the vehicles. The Falcon enclosure is 8’ x 8’ per car.  If you choose to build a room, you can make it larger (10’ x 10’ per car) if you choose. For that option, we can provide banners with the artwork scaled to fit the space for your room to place the targets on. The Mother Ship mounted on the ceiling is supplied with its own frame and can fit to the existing walls. A minimum of eight feet for ceiling height is suggested.
SAFETY SYSTEMS: Each Falcon has double safety mechanisms to secure the rider when going upside down. Each has a lap belt and an over-the-shoulder harness assembly that the rider must fasten before starting the ride. If either one is not fastened, the ride will not start. If either becomes unbuckled during the ride, the ride automatically shuts down and the pilot whose safety device has come loose will be told to re-secure that device to re-start the ride. Once a game begins, the other Falcon(s) will not allow new riders to join the game.
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