The 19th Hole

One More Hole Of FUN!



The 19th Hole has several features to entice your customers to play, and helps you capture the ball to keep a closer count on the total plays on the course. Among the things that make this product a winner for your course:


Digital Audio: The 19th Hole uses digital audio chips that have flawless replay of the messages without any tapes, cd, etc. This means nearly no maintenance during the life of your 19th Hole’s audio system. We have three different messages that we use, including the Winner message, the Consolation message, and the Warning message. All three messages can easily be changed by the owner on site. Pre-recorded messages by the owner can be downloaded into the message repeater with standard sound equipment cords.


The three messages are as follows:


1) Winner: A music backed announcer extols praises of the great putter before them and announces to all that they are the next great putter. This is set off when the target shot is successfully done and the winner sign is activated. Set for a 1 minute performance.


2) The consolation shot: For all those that miss, a thank you for playing/try again next time message is played with a tag to return the putter to the putter rack. Can be set for up to a five minute delay so it plays only one every group (approximately).


3) The Cheater Message: Using the “Magic Touch” Proximity Sensor on the grip covering the approach, this message warns putters that they must back up to be rewarded for the winning shot. Commercial Sound Components: We use industry grade PEAVEY amps and speakers for durability and sound quality. Long a leader in the concert supply industry, PEAVEY’s equipment is quality you can count on.


Air Powered Sign: The WINNER sign starts to slowly rise as the music booms and the lights flash. When your customers hit the great shot on the last hole, the entire course will know that there is a new prize winner on your course! Since everyone wants a chance to be that winner, they are automatically encouraged to try their luck as well. This increases the people that return the balls and thus helps you righten your course sale cash controls.


Cash and Prize Control: The 19th hole includes a ticket dispenser and two ball counters that let you record the free game and non-free game uses separately. Whenever the perfect shot is made, the ticket dispenser automatically dispenses a redeemable coupon for their prize. We suggest using a generic coupon so that you can vary the price depending on the volume and marketing benefit (better prizes on slow days to encourage weekday play).


Commercially Produced Announcements: Amusement Products employed a local production company to produce the professional announcements. Music beds and sound effects on the WINNER message are sure to make it the feature performance. The sum of these features is the new excitement your course needs to be THE place to be in your Market!

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