NEW Plus One
Adjustable Double
or Single Seat Kart

The Innovation Engineers at Amusement Products have created another winner for the go kart industry. The new Plus One is not just another pretty two seat go kart. The Plus One not only allows the parent to safely drive their children, it also works as a single seat kart. But that is not unique. What is unique is that the seat moves forward to allow the kart to use all four operating speeds including the Rookie Speed (6-12 year olds that are minimum of 46" tall). With the ability to move the seat forward up to 6", the seat will easily accommodate shorter 6 year olds to drive at the Rookie (6-9mph) speed. For those operators that want to use all two seat karts, the Thunder Volt Plus One Stockart is the way to go. Rookie, Novice, Race and Competition Speed options are all available on the Plus One both as a single and as a two seat kart. This versatility increases dramatically the ability of the kart to service several different markets like the single seat Thunder Volt karts have for years!

Driver Specifications

5 to 10 MPH
11 to 15 MPH
15 to 22 MPH
23 to 35 mph
8- 15
10 and up
16 and up
Min Height
Kart Dimensions: 52" wide x 88" long x 44" high
Includes all the features of the Thunder Volt Operating System
including the Park and Charge System.