The Ultimate Trainer pitching machines have four speeds of baseball pitches and four speeds of softball pitches (including slow pitch) available in every station

The result of this versatility?

Ultimate Trainer Cages Cost Less and Make More Money

The Ultimate Trainer pitching machines have proven themselves to generate three to five times the revenue as the old single speed stations. With every station available to every type batter, the size of the batting cage can be reduced, lowering your initial investment. Today's 3-6 station Ultimate Trainer Batting Cages generate more money that the 6-9 station cages with a single speed in each cage. Considering that at least 65% of your initial cost is building the cage, reducing the cage by just one station will cover the cost to make all the remaining stations Baseball and Softball Ultimate Trainer stations. Increased revenue and decreased capital costs make the Ultimate Trainer a simple choice for successful cage operators.

The Most Advanced
Money-Making, Pitching Machine
in the World

While Amusement Products is the technology leader in all of its products, Batting Cages are one of the most obvious products where our customers have a huge advantage. Starting with the Ultimate Trainer in 1993, Amusement Products revolutionized the batting cage industry

Based on input from our cage operators, we found that traditional batting cages dedicated to only one pitch speed were under-utilized most of the time.

Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing the Ultimate Trainer 3000 and how it helps you make more money with less invested:

Superior Accuracy: The Ultimate Trainer Computer checks for proper pitch speed and height every time a speed is selected. This makes sure it throws a strike every time! The Ultimate Trainer automatically makes small day-to-day adjustments to throw perfect strikes regardless of temperature, humidity or motor wear.

Adjustability: Allows the batter to change the height of the pitch to match where they want the ball in the strike zone, then automatically resets to center strike zone after the cycle ends.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The batter gets the speed they want, where they want faster without any assistance from cage management. Less waiting means more use per visit and more return visits.

Reduced Maintenance and Labor: see above

Reduced Repair Time: When the self diagnostics cannot repair the problem, the machine automatically calls for maintenance and the LCD display tells your staff where to look to fix the problem, which speeds up repairs.

Control Board

Coin Box

Card Reader

Why do we use air-filled tires?

As the illustration shows, air-filled tires conform to the ball as it is projected from the machine. Unlike other pitching machines, the use of this type tire continues to mold to balls that have worn down from normal usage, assuring consistent and accurate pitches throughout the life of the tires. The Ultimate Trainer pitching machines have four speeds of baseball pitches and four speeds of softball pitches (including slow pitch) available in every station