Championship Miniature Golf

One thing our years of experience in the business has shown is that the modern course must include water, elevation changes, an element of skill and an element of fun. By combining skill and fun with the Championship Systems courses, our courses not only draw your customers in once, but keep them coming back.

New and exciting designs are always a part of each new course. nearly every hole has multiple elevations that give the players a variety of ways to play every hole.

But as we have made the holes more challenging, we had to come up with a way to make the course playable for beginner putters and young children. There is nothing more frustrating to a child or a mom than constantly not being able to putt out the ball before hitting the course stroke limit per hole (usually 6). To avoid this, we've developed the Championship style miniature golf course. It uses three cups instead of just the standard 4" white cup. While each hole has a white cup, around half of the holes have a 5" Red penalty cup on the harder holes. These cups are strategically placed where the young and beginner putters will end up next to them. As printed on the score cards and at the start of the course, the cup is a one stroke penalty for everyone over 12 years old but not for children. This allows beginner putters to make the ball in an easier cup rather than always picking up the ball in frustration.

The last cup is an Orange bonus cup that is an all or nothing shot at a 2" cup. If made, the player can deduct a stroke from his score. Because of its placement, if the putt is missed, it will send the ball into a worse position to putt back to the standard cup costing them a stroke. Remember, fun is a big part of miniature golf and the Championship style makes sure the whole family has a great time!

Before we turn the first shovelful of dirt, the course has been designed to the point that we know the par for each hole and the course. using a topographical 1' elevation drawing, we design the course to use the land's best attributes to save you money and make the course more exciting. Making the course fit the land, proper placement of the water features, and making sure the difficulty of the holes will allow for a proper flow of customers all go into the design before we start construction. One thing our experience has taught us is that the miniature golf business thrives or dies based on repeat business. If it is fun to play, the course will grow over the years.

It is through this experience that we have learned to include some items that many of our competitors do not. Score card stands are to miniature golf courses as china to a fine dining restaurant. They provide a service for the ease of your customer's use of the course but they also speak volumes on both your course's quality and your dedication to them having a good time. Our vandal resistant, color coordinated score card stands include the hole number, hole par, and course name, all engraved in the surface. They will look great not only today but for years to come.

Next, 75% to 80% of all miniature golf business is at night. Why build a course without lights? Our crews always do this so that it is done at the completion of the course. If not done during construction, the lights can be a difficult and expensive addition to your course. We realized over 30 years ago that we are in the entertainment business and we are attempting to give the customers a great experience.

Lastly, fitting the course to your budget and to your market is the key to a successful miniature golf course. We have built courses in city populations under 5,000 people and in cities grater than 200,000. in the smaller demographic populations, a quality-inexpensive course is a must. In the bigger cities, a deluxe course will set you apart from the competition to make your course "THE" place to play miniature golf. For this, theming and interaction using digital audio, simple reaction based animatronics, and deluxe water features can all be done for under $400,000 per 18 holes. In some cases, indoor glow golf can be done for as little as $85,000 with some of the qualities of the highest end courses.

What this means is, we can make a course to fit your budget. We can show you how to do water features that look great for under $10,000 depending on what your market can support. With our 45+ years of operating experience all over the U.S., we can build you an exceptional course at a price to fit your budget and your market!

The "WOW" factor is that something extra that you provides your guest with an instant that forces them to go "Wow- that's cool!"

So now you know the basics of what makes a better course, but you want your course to be the best. Well fortunately, this is where Amusement Construction really sets themselves apart.

More water, cascade jets instead of straight pipes make the fountains rise and fall as if to their own heartbeat. Lower and upper fountains make the course seem like the are visiting Yellowstone park.

Working within a budget to fit your market, we can show you how music on your course using low level speakers in hidden rocks are both affordable and add dollars to your bottom line.

Got Competition? Get AC!

Add a unique look to the course to theme it. Themes we have done include Wild west, 1800's, Nautical, Jungle, Tropical Island, Desert, and more! The important part is that now you have more than just a miniature golf, you have a PLACE. In 2005, AC helped develop not just a themed course but a completely themed park. Adventure Park USA has a western theme from the main building to the bumper boat pond. Dry Gulch and Thunder Falls are their two courses. Featuring dramatic waterfalls, a general store, a dynamite shack and more, each course keeps the western motif running throughout the park. When you play at Adventure Park USA, you don't just play golf, you have an Old West miniature golf experience.

The fabulous world of digital audio is slowly transforming the amusement industry. Now universally used for safety messages at attractions, it can be used to add atmosphere on a miniature golf course. Now you not only see the 1800s general store, but you can hear the horses bay and the wagons pass as you approach. On a nautical themed course, the ocean is heard while you stand near the wharf scene.

Rather than just let the sounds play on a continuous loop, how about the jailer yells to you The "WOW" factor is that something extra that you provides your guest with an instant that forces them to go "Wow- that's cool!" just after you made a great putt! Maybe the jungle warrior praises your bravery for attempting such a difficult putt. These are accomplished using digital sound and sensors placed around the holes.

For the highest end courses in the most competitive markets, the final step is to make the sound match a motion triggered by your customer's play. Instead of just shouting from inside the building, the prospector's head pops out of a barrel in front of the general store when he speaks. This type of simple animatronics can be done in a nearly maintenance free way but will make your customer's kids rave about your course at school! Mom will brag a church about the way her daughter made the fisherman fall in the water on the giraffe flip it's tail! If you want to build the miniature golf course that everyone in the county wants to play, a level three course will put your course OVER THE TOP!

Now matter which level of Amusement Construction course that you choose, the Championship Design gets you started out right for repeat play. Much like we polish our hole designs every year, the extras help you set your course apart. You will be amaze how the experts at Amusement Construction can help your course include some of these "WOW" Factors no matter what your market size. We excel in matching the course to your demographics to make sure you do not over spend or under spend when getting started. As the core attraction to your facility, a Championship Miniature Golf will get you started right for years of successful operations! Build your course to be the most popular and most PROFITABLE in the market and you will have the best chance for success.

Amusement Products Also Offers Custom Score top Stand Tops!