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ThunderVolt Stockart

Until 2004, 90%+ of all the go karts Amusement Products made were gas powered. We made some of the highest performance gas go karts in the world (Intimidator and Super Stock with 13 hp engines) and the easiest to operate gas system (AUTOSTART). The day gas go karts were the best choice to operate on a track is over.

ThunderVolt Stockart+


ThunderVolt Intimidator

Super Plus 2 Seater

The Eco-Racer is an inexpensive way to get the most durable electric go kart in the industry with the best electric go kart operating system – The Dynamo Operating System. Designed for budget conscious operators that want a great product, the Eco-Racer comes standard with Dynamo Electric Go Kart Operating System and the manual Plug In/Plug Out charging system for the pit. To keep costs down, it has a fixed seat like most other electric go karts (exceptAP's higher end units like the Dynamo and ThunderVolt Stockart). The Park & Charge Pit System can be added for a small upgrade charge. The Eco-Racer Deluxe is an upscale version of the Eco-Racer with all of the features of the Thunder Volt go karts. The Deluxe includes the moveable seat and the Park & Charge system as well as the Thunder Volt sound system.

Eco Racer

Eco Racer Thundervolt Deluxe

NEW! High Performance
Race Karts

Looking for that amazing Race Kart experience? The new LIGHTNING not only has power to burn with proven speed of over 60+ mph, but it also has the amazing Thunder Volt Operating System. With the Thunder Volt operating system, you get the sounds of a real Race Car with the amazing performance of a high speed electric go kart.

The ThunderVolt Raceway customer isn't just riding a go kart, they are participating in a Professional Racing Event

Why Electric?
More Net Profit!

Gas Go Karts (6HP)

Electric Go Karts

(see below)
(see below)
Daily Fuel
($4 per kart @ $2 per gal.)
Daily Electric $0.92 per kart per day
Time to Fuel gas karts 1 hr for 2 men- daily
Electric is Automatic: 0 hours (PARK & CHARGE SYSTEM)
Gas Kart Maintenance: Oil, engine, filters
Electric Kart: Brushes every few years
Maintenance costs- Gas is HIGHER
Maintenance costs- Electric is LOWER
Engine/Parts replacement
: Gas is HIGHER
Motor/parts replacement
Costs: Electric is Lower
Labor to operate:
Gas Kart requires 3 to 4 + people
Labor to operate:
Electric Kart requires 1 to 2 people✭
Maintenance Man:
Gas Karts require 84 hours a week
Maintenance Man:
Electric Karts require 3 to 6 hours per week✭

Features Comparison

Hard to Pass - Gas Karts have One top speed
speed varies with engine age
Electric Karts have NITRO BOOST
Gas Engines 6 & 9 hp slower
13 equal or better
Electric Karts have Fast start – much more torque –17 HP equivalent
Manually change speed on each Gas Kart
Change all Electric Karts speed by remote control✭
Ride options: Gas Karts have ONE Family speed
Rookie riders takes additional karts **
Four Operating Speeds on Electric Karts: (adjustable seat)
Rookie - Family - Sportsman - Competition✭
Gas Karts have One style rider
(Adult or Two seater)
Single Electric kart's seat adjusts to fit Rookie Riders✭
Multiple speeds mean many uses
Can't slow down Gas Karts During a race – Just to Idle
Slow down one or all Electric Karts
As little as one mph at a time✭
Gas Kart Sound – a Zoning issue outdoors
Yes Loud engine gives a better sense of speed
Electric Karts Runs much Quieter – Well under Zoning Sound Limits
ThunderVolt Sound System solves this with race engine sounds and Race Announcement System✭
Gas Karts Polute the air
Electric Karts are Clean running
Gas Karts Require a strong arm
(unless AUTOSTART added)
Electric Karts have Pit Speed start automatic
Rolling start – 1of 4 speeds✭
Customer Spins out – Attendant backs up Gas karts
Electric Kart has Rider Reverse – Customer backs kart up✭
Note: Thunder Volt Gas Operating system does not have this feature.
Gas Karts Require more labor to operate
Electric Karts Require less help✭
When "All Stop" is used on radio control, Gas Kart riders
continue to coast until they stop.
When "All Stop" is pressed, System brings Electric Kart
to a stop within 20' using dynamic braking
without rider's pressing the brake.✭
** Initial cost may be lower for gas karts, but they are limited to just one use per kart. Electric karts are instantly programmable to many uses with the same kart – Rookie, Family and Performance.

The only way we could get all of these tremendous features was to create our own electric system. With the labor savings alone, the Thunder Volt Electric Operating System will pay for itself in just a couple of years. The mechanic savings alone is nearly $35,000 per year! The versatility to make one track work like four different tracks has dramatically increased the track's revenue as well. The cost savings and revenue increases make the time to choose Electric Go Karts now. In addition, the Thunder Volt Sound System has been a tremendous success with racers. Amusement Products Thunder Volt Electric Operating System can be added to nearly any Pacer Go Kart Model. We have added it to the Dynamo, Stockart, Intimidator, Super Plus two seater and Stockart+ two seater.