Chattanooga, Tennessee is the site of the Family Entertainment Center Industries most informative Success Seminar. If you are thinking about starting or adding to a Family Entertainment Center the best way to make good business decisions is to leam from experts who have helped start hundreds of centers before you start yours. By assembling over seven different industry experts to instruct you, the FEC SUCCESS seminar has the most experienced and diversified group of experts to instruct you. What's more, during the 'hands on" portion of the seminar, you will get to experience yourself what can make the attractions so exciting for your future customers. Lastly, you will also get to see how many of the attractions are made during the plant tour at Amusement Products, the world's most diversified FEC manufacturer

Participants from around the world have attended these two day events and leave well informed and able to make intelligent choices when making decisions related to Feasibility. Financing, Zoning. Design. Construction and Attractions. 17 Shows and many successful operators have proven the effectiveness of learn┬Čing from our experts.

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