Shockwave Bumper Boat

After six years of manufacturing only gas powered bumper boats, we created the Shockwave electric bumper boat in 2002. Our goal was to make the electric boat perform as well as a gas boat, and to make it as energy efficient as possible. We were either going to "make it an exciting ride or not make it".

The end result is the Shockwave Electric Bumper Boat. It will outperform not only any electric boat but other gas boats as well. This is not an idle boast, but a fact. Here's why:

1. We engineered the propulsion system from the motor to the prop for the most powerful system, with the most energy efficiency.

2. This model can use either a 24 or 36 volt operating system. All but the heaviest usage parts can operate on the lower volt system - providing the same great ride at a lower cost. The 24 volt system will provide 12 hours of heavy usage, while the 36 volt will give you 14 hours of usage.

3. We've customer designed and manufactured the propeller for the most propulsion for the least amount of energy used. Made of cast aluminum (not plastic), it has a stainless prop guard which provides the least amount of water resistance of any bumper boat motor made.

4. Included is a power conditioner called a "soft start" for longer lasting batteries and motors. This helps ensure that you won't be going through batteries once a month due to start-up battery stress.

5. Self-priming, electric water cannons are included on every boat to add excitement to every ride. An easily accessible filter is included in the water canon system to help avoid damage to the pump.

6. Easy trigger mechanisms operate the water cannon and motor propulsion.

7. A prop guard protector is also included in the prop guard design so to lessen the chance that carelessness will damage the guard or prop.

8. Hidden switches for both the motor and the water cannon allow you to turn off the water cannon during cooler weather and the motor switch is for separation of the motor from the batteries during charging to avoid damage.

9. An easy to read power meter on each boat shows where you are in the battery's charge cycle.

10. A sealed, waterproof multi-conductor plug connects the motor to the batteries. this is the most efficient wiring harness in the industry. heat caused by undersized connectors and wires will eventually damage a boat's systems.

11. The highest weight capacity boat on the market. When we say it can seat a parent and two children or two full-sized adults, we mean it!

12. Stainless steel dock ties and grab rails means years of worry-free operation.