The Big Kick Soccer Cage is the way to make another popular sport a part of your business and a great way to make money in your FEC.

Reach your profit goals with a fully automated Big Kick Soccer Cage!

With the growing popularity of soccer among kids, Amusement Products has come up with a way to tap into this popular trend. The new Big Kick Soccer Cages use the same technology as our commercial batting cages to throw and collect the soccer balls. Having perfected the throwing mechanisms and coin operation systems for our batting cages, Amusement Products has developed the Big Kick cages to be more compact than a batting cage (2 Stations = 16' x 50').

Fully Automated

The Big Kick Soccer Cages are fully automated, using our Range-Pro retrieval system to put the balls back into the machines. They can also be combined with a digital audio system that declares "GOAL!" every time you get it past the goalie. Other shots say "BLOCKED!" or "OUT OF BOUNDS!".