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At Amusement Products, our attitude is "great is never good enough." By striving for perfection we can always continue to improve and outpace the competition. Let us show you how you can too!

Starting in 1960, we have dedicated our existence to creating fun for the world through exciting products. As an operator, our first goal is to start with quality and dependability. If you can't keep it working, you won't make any money. Thus, we spent our first ten years as a manufacturer perfecting the quality and performance of our products. Having accomplished this, our next goal was to outperform the competition and gain increased customer satisfaction. How did we accomplish this? Refinement and innovation! The timeline below lists a few of the firsts we have achieved and are just a few of the reasons why Amusement Products is the leader in the family entertainment center industry. Many of these innovations have changed the industry forever.

Amusement Products Firsts Innovation since 1960

Started our first miniature golf course, 'Sir Goony Golf'
Started expanding the 'Sir Goony' chain with 5 new locations in Florida

Added the first go-kart tracks to miniature golf courses

Operated 28 go-kart tracks and 36 miniature golf courses

Pioneered the wrap-around spring steel bumper to increase kart durability.
Developed universal joint steering for unsurpassed handling and durability.

Developed fiberglass bodies for go-karts.

Introduced dual baseball/softball pitching machines for batting cages.

Created the first demand retrieval system for batting cages for increased capacity.

Developed first commercial two-passenger go-kart.

Designed the Komet extended wear go-kart tire.

First digital pitching machine speed control

Patented first radio controlled go-kart track system

Patented the Ultimate Trainer pitching machine.

Developed the D-Rubber rail safety barrier system.

Developed the Dominator as the best driving go-kart.

Introduced the "Rookie" kart concept for the 7-12 year old range.

The revolutionary Millennium frame sets new standard for go-kart frames.

Pursuit Park brings paintball out of the woods and into FEC's.
Amusement Construction, Co., Inc. started.

D.U.I. Experience created to save teen lives.
Electric go-karts added to the Amusement Products line.

Introduction of Shockwave Electric Bumper Boats.
Phazer Zone indoor paint less paintball created.

Introduction of Select One radio control system.

Big Kick Soccer Cages hits the market utilizing Amusement Products commercial batting technology.

Introduction of Auto Start for go-kart tracks.

The new Super Stock go-kart takes to the track.

The Dynamo Electric Kart System Revolutionizes Electric Go Karts.

Made the Dynamo System work on the Intimidator Go Karts.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars run all day on one charge and add competitive spin feature.

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